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Dear Sir,
Fountain Consultants ltd was incorporated in Nigeria in 1996 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 and the company is limited by shares. With
the Corporate Affairs Commission of the federal republic of Nigeria.
We of Fountain Consultants ltd due to the very rampant nature of internet frauds which specifically emmanate from west african countries with very bogous claims
of non existent fund. This actually has made prospective investors to loose trust in any business comming from west Africa expecially Nigeria which has the most
profitable business environment but is criminally looked upon because of fradsters. Would you avail yourself of this goldenopportunity of making very good money
because of fraudsters? The answer is no. Come to fountain consultants and we wil help you source for very lucrative and profitable busines in the continent of Africa.
we can also help you to monitor your business partners if you already have one and ensure that the entire business is done accoding to the agreed terms of your
1 . We can help in marketing you products in the very vast continent of Africa by embarking on very aggressive marketing of your products.We can better still be refered
to as manufacturers representatives We also can assist in the procurement of lands and all other neccessary infrastructures required for openning of branch offices ,
factory site and warehouses etc.
2 . We can help in sourcing for your production / manufacturing raw materials at very reduced and reasonable rates all you are required to do is give us your request and
let us source for your raw materials for you.
3 . Are you a producer or professional who wants his /her products to be advertised in the wide continent of Africa then come to fountain consultants and we will advertise
and your products aggressively
4 . Are you a freight forwarder we can assist in monitoring your goods at every port of discharge to ensure their safety our efficient security network would take care of that.
5 . If for any reason or at any time you have executed any contract in the vast continent of Africa and uptill this moment you have not been paid the please contact our chairman
directly and he would handle your payment confidentially and ensure that you get paid.
6 . Are you in search of talents in different professions such as Foot Ball, Boxing ,Wrestling e.t.c come to us and we will deliver the best to you through our team of professionals
who have been trained to go for only the best.
7 . We can assist in the purchase and export of LPFO [Low pour fuel oil] High quality of LONDON BRENT , BONNY LITE from NIGERIA. We can also help you to
sell your petroleum pro ducts in West African countries products like AGO, KERO, PMS ,D2, JP54 Jet A1 .etc.
Please if you are intrested contact our chairman for further clarification.on Email : Tel : +2348033081481 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +2348033081481      end_of_the_skype_highlighting and you will be happy you did
ultimate goal is client satisfaction.

Yours faithfully,
Okuonghae Dede (mr)
[ Snr Consultant ]


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