BR 7518
العلامة التجارية
  • المواصفات
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    طول الذراع
    5.38 '
    ضياء العمود.
    14.15 "
    7.5 hp
    1800 rpm
    6000 KG
  • نظرة عامة على المنتج

    Arm, column & base rigidly built with reinforcement ribs to reduce distortion and give long life
    Heavy duty - 75 mm drilling in solid steel
    Pre selection of spindle speeds
    Electro hydraulic clamping for drill head and arm swivel
    Special spindle bearing arrangement for rough boring
    Quill and spindle assembly balanced by guided counter weight
    Automatic lubrication of drill head and arm
    Automatic clamping / de clamping of arm for up and down movement
    Wide range of speeds and feeds
    Automatic disengagement of power feed at required depth of drilling

  • عن الشركة
    Batliboi Ltd

    Batliboi, founded in 1892, has grown to a position of leadership among engineering companies. The company has spearheaded technological change in all the activities comprising Textile Air Engineering, Textile Machinery, Machine Tools and Air Conditioning. Batliboi's manufacturing facilities are located at Surat and Bangalore. It has two subsidiaries. Quickmill and Aesa.

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