• Product Overview

    Print Big
    with up to 600 x 350 x 500 mm (23.6 x 11.8 x 19.6 inch) build area

    Print Open
    because 3ntr supports open materials for filaments, Plural customers save up to 70% on operating expenses and have the widest range of materials.

    Print Hot
    with a high temperature 3D printer

    Nozzle: 450º C (842º F)
    Bed: 160º C (320º F)
    Chamber: 90º C (194º F)
    Print Dry
    with a material management system (MMS) from Plural that stores filaments in less than 5% relative humidity for smoother surface finishes and better layer bonding.

    Print Multiple Materials at the Same Time
    with three extruders print combinations of materials such as:

    multi-color parts
    multi-material parts
    multiple parts in different materials per job

    Model Brochure (183 KB)

  • About Company

    We deliver and implement state-of-the-art 3D printing solutions that combine the power of industrial systems with open materials and custom design to provide the most versatile and cost effective rapid prototyping and functional low volume plastics manufacturing on the market.