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    Item BV100
    X axis 1050 mm
    Y axis 510 (A axis is 450 or 490) mm
    Z axis 560 mm
    Spindle nose to table 152-712 mm
    Spindle to column 603.4 mm
    Work Table
    Work table size 610×1300 mm
    T-slot 5-18×100×125 mm
    Max. loading capacity 900 kg
    Rapid moving speed (X/Y/Z) 24000 mm/min
    Feeding speed (X/Y/Z) 3-15000 mm/min
    Speed 60-7000 or 60-8000 or 60-10000 rpm
    Taper 7:24 No.40
    Diameter φ70 mm
    Torque 70 Nm
    Power 11-5 Kw
    Tool Magazine
    Type ATC
    Capacity 24 pcs
    Time 1.8 sec.
    Max. tool dia. φ78 mm
    Max. tool dia. w/o tool on side φ150 mm
    Max. tool length 250 mm
    Max. single tool length 7 kg
    Tool magazine loading capacity 120 kg
    Power Source Full loading current 100 A
    Compressed air pressure 0.6 mpa
    Electric power 380(1±10%)V 50HZ
    Overall Size
    Overall size (L/W) 3282×2347 mm
    Floor space 4464×3280 mm
    Height 3018 mm
    Net weight 6500 kg
    CNC System FANUC

    -- Bed Type structure with fixed column;
    -- X and Y Axis go through cross moving table;
    -- X, Y and Z-axis use rectilinear rolling guide and ball screws , driven by servo motor
    -- Umbrella type tool magazine ,and arm type tool magazine as an option
    -- Enclosed cover of whole machine ,different axes adopt stainless telescopic vovers or
    protection cover
    -- Bed and electrical cabinet integrated , unnecessary for dismantiling during transportation ,
    cabinet adopts double doors
    -- Enlarge the span of Y axis , eliminate the problem of X axes gravity cackle , ensure the
    stability of bed
    -- Spindle adopts high quality import bearing ,spindle components , by strictly balanced
    dynamic testing . Direct blade changing mechanism ,the cutter head can rotate ,it has a simple
    structure , by strictly balanced dynamic testing .Direct blade changing
    -- The transmission between spindle power and spindle is driven by serrated belt , the ratio is
    -- Its spindle is fit for the requirement of different tools
    -- Advanced design can ensure special machining
    -- Can be equipped by probes , closed loop control lazer scale rotary table

    BV series adopt CNC system from specialized company, all the axes and spindle are driven by
    servo motor ,3 axes or 4 axes coordinated , capable of drilling ,boring ,milling ,rigid threading etc,
    realizing digital positioning ,suitable for large whorl and multi curve manufacture ,and several
    steps process can be done by one clip , at the same time ,several cycling manufacture program was
    equipped in CNC sys tem . Such as drilling ,cooling liquid supply ,tool changing can be done by
    preprogramming ,spindle center blowing during tool change to keep spindle tape clea

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    BMEIMT Co., Ltd.

    BMEIMT originated from Capital Primary Industrial School (1907), Beijing No. 6 machine tool company (1978) and Beijing mechanical & electrical research institute (1978). BMEIMT is restructured into BMEI. In order to satisfy the demand market and strategic integration of our group company, the machine tool division separated from BMEI and built the new company, BMEIMT. BMEIMT are mainly engaged in developing and producing five-axis turbine blade/wheel machining center, three/four-axis vertical machining center, drilling center, grinding machine and costumed machine. Based on the mature technique of popular-type machines, BMEIMT now has built the advantage of high-end products, which are five-axis machine tool, direct-driven machining center and five-sides machining center. BMEIMT has achieved the batch production and sales of the high-end products. Moreover, our company is the first company of developing 5-axis turbine blade machining center. In order to be the technical innovative leader of machine tool subdivision field, BMEIMT takes the advantage of talents resources and high scientific research ability and insist on the continuously innovation of management system and technique. Customer always is the key focus of our company. Sustainable Development and customer satisfaction is the eternal target. BMEIMT will keep developing new products and improving service, and build famous reputation. Quality target: Honesty Innovation, Excellent Manufacture, Sincere Service, Customers First!

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