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    The X3 System can allow you to conveniently store and distribute tools and supplies anywhere in your facility without sacrificing valuable space on your shop floor. The modular design of this industrial benchtop solution improves operational efficiencies by enabling manufacturers the ability to create compact vending within arm’s reach of the job. This means your employees can quickly and easily get the supplies they need without any barriers to productivity. Utilizing both helix and carousel-style dispensing, the X3 System provides dispensing options suitable for a wide range of tools, PPE, or indirect material. The system reduces inventory consumption by providing controlled dispensing of small items such as cutting tool inserts one at a time.

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    The CribMaster Inventory Management System is designed to manage tools, MRO, indirect materials and other mobile assets. The management of tools, spare parts, MRO items, PPE inventory and other types of indirect material through our robust inventory control software can provide immediate and long-term cost savings. Our extensive line of point-of-use and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices), including our widely used automated tool crib offer total tool tracking and industrial tool vending solutions for any size business.

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