EWALD 3015

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    Micro-Miniature Precision Head 10 to 50 grams

    Fuse-Tec tm Micro Welding Head - Model 3015 1. This welding head is designed for welding extremely delicate parts such as cross-wire welds below .002" (.05mm)dia. down to approx. .0002" (.005mm)dia. in Chromel/Alumel, Pt/Pt-Rho and other very fine wires. 2. The welding pressure is adjustable from 3 grams to 50 grams (approx. .1 to 2 Oz.). 3. To insure adequate forging action of the electrode, the effective inertia of the welding arm is held to less than 2 grams. Suspension is in precision miniature ball bearings. 4. Actuation is by footpedal. The power supply is triggered when the pre-set electrode pressure is reached. 5. Electrodes: Upper - .010" x .030" Tungsten or .010" x .020" RWMA II. Lower - 1/8' ö RWMA II, flat tip. 6. Throat - 3.5"; Stroke - .5" Dimensions: 4.5" wide x 8" deep x 3" high. Weight - Approx. 4 lbs. 7. Power Supply: The welding head can be used with stored energy power supplies of up to 1 watt-sec., or small AC synchronous controls. 8. Accessories included: Welding cables - #8AWG x 12"; Footpedal and chain

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    Ewald Instruments Corp.

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