EWALD 3020

  • Product Overview

    Standard Head 5-50 lbs. Pressure(Model 3020)
    Maximum stroke is about l". The head can be adjusted up and down on the column to accommodate different applications. The weld pressure is adjusted by use of the thumb screw on top of the head. Increased pressure means lower contact resistance so it may be necessary to increase the power setting of the power supply. Too little pressure will cause arcing and flash while too much pressure may deform the parts. Experimentally determine a high enough pressure that will not cause deformation. Electrode holders can be supplied for 1/8", 3/16" or 1/4" diameter electrodes. Special sizes or tooling can also be supplied, please contact the factory.

  • About Company
    Ewald Instruments Corp.

    Our mission is to actively pursue all segments of the precision resistance welding, small equipment manufacture, wire rope and cable industriesthrough our internal/external sales networks. We are proud to be approaching our 60th year of continued service. Our employees work to benefit our customers by delivering quality workmanship with management attention to efficient, reliable and excellent products and services. As we grow into the 21st century, we shall continue to focus on and strive for complete customer satisfaction, recognition of our social responsibility and maintenance of a sensitive balance between personal and professional fulfillment.

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