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    The machine is designed for chamfering/bevelling sheet metal, which is a hand-propelled chamfering machining tool. It suits all kinds of sheet metal chamfering/bevelling before welding. It\'s light weight (and comparison of similar products), low vibration, easy operation, safe and reliable.


    1. Chamfer surface is smooth, flat, non-oxide layer, easy to weld;
    2. Can meet the K, V, X and Y type of welding joint requirements;
    3. It is applied to steel, cast iron, hard plastic, and can also processing on the chromium steel and other high-strength materials.

    Technical Parameters:

    1. Maximum blade cutting width: 15mm (adjustable); (Max. bevel edge is 20mm)
    2. Chamfer angle: 30 ° -60 ° (adjustable);
    3. Weight: 18KG (Equipped Standard Siemens motor):
    4. Voltage: 380V;
    5. Frequency: 50Hz;
    6. Power: 1.1KW;
    7. Speed: 2870 r / min

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