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  • Product Overview

    The Instrumentation and Process Control Training System introduces students to a wide range of industrial processes (temperature, pressure, flow, and level) as well as with their instruments and control. The use of modern equipment coupled with a complete training program helps students to get the theoretical and practical knowledge that is mandatory to work in the process control industry.

    The modularity of this energy-efficient system allows the instructor to select specific equipment as a function of the training objectives without going over budget. Several configurations are available for a single workstation. Adding optional equipment can increase the number of these configurations.

    The Instrumentation and Process Control Training System features two workstations: the Process Workstation and the Instrumentation Workstation. The system can accomodate a single team of students for the temperature experiments and up to two teams for the pressure, flow, and level experiments if the second-team add-on is used.

    One controller from the 3539 Series is required for each team working on the system. A wide choice of optional equipment is available. Refer to the charts below for details on the general structure of the Instrumentation and Process Control Training System.

    Features & Benefits
    - Modular system that allows a great variety of configurations
    - Two-sided workstation allowing two student groups to work simultaneously
    - Faults can be inserted by the instructor to develop the troubleshooting skills of the students
    - Extensive and comprehensive curriculum
    - Entry level, cost-effective solution
    - Industrial grade components, clear PVC piping
    - Real-world, large-scale process loops brought to space-efficient work environment
    - Different controllers options depending on the objectives and budget
    - Smart Transmitters and control valves using HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus Communication protocols
    - Ethernet and Modbus communication protocols also used with Variable Frequency Drives and Controllers
    - Environmentally-friendly temperature training system (no cooling water required)
    - Fast Response Temperature Control System
    Advanced Process Control strategies such as Ratio, Feed-Forward, and Split-Range
    Boiler simulation with three-element process control
    - Real-time heat exchanger energy balance

    Topic Coverage
    - Temperature
    - Pressure, Flow, and Level
    - Air: Pressure and Flow
    - pH and Conductivity
    Estimated program duration: 84 hours

    Model Brochure (3.85 MB)

  • About Company
    Festo Didactic, Inc. (formerly Lab-Volt Systems, Inc.)

    Festo Didactic is the world-leading equipment and solution provider for technical education. The product and service portfolio offers solutions for rapid learning and retention in a broad spectrum of technologies: pneumatics, electropneumatics, hydraulics, electrohydraulics, electronics, electrical engineering, sensors, robotics, CNC technology, telecommunications, electronics, power and renewable energy, industrial maintenance, HVAC, PLC and fieldbus technology, manufacturing technology and process engineering as well as mechatronics. Festo Didactic supplies educational institutions and industries with learning factories, training and e-learning programmes that directly evolve from technologies and innovations in automation. They qualify people in appropriate learning environments to be sufficiently competent and flexible to immediately start work in production processes and other industrial contexts and to contribute to the productivity of industrial companies. CORPORATE MERGER: Festo Didactic acquired Lab-Volt Systems, Inc. in June 2014.