MVM LA 500

LA 500
  • Specs
    150*120*180 cm
    700 kg
  • Product Overview

    LA500 is ideal for grinding bevelled circular knives and blades and surface grinding discs and other work-piecies

    This circular knife grinding machinecombines the following three main features:
    rotating and tilting head;
    automatic grinding wheel downfeed;
    rotary chuck with speed regulator;
    Technical features of the LA500 circular knife grinding machine:
    Automatic downfeed grinding head with automatic stop at preset height;
    Rotating head range 0°-70°, tilting 0-5° for grinding circular blades, using an easy to read vernier scale;
    Grinding wheel motor with clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation direction for perfect grinding of any angle;
    Fixed speed rotating mechanical chuck for level grinding operations;
    Chain driven rotating chuck;
    Work time controlled by timer.

    Model Brochure (543 KB)

  • About Company
    MVM srl

    MVM Srl, situated in an industrial area in Correggio (RE) has produced for over 50 years industrial knife grinders for straight and circular blades of every dimension. The company has set itself the following key objectives: grinding precision product reliability competitive prices Knife grinding machines are used by the following main types of customers. Carpenters and woodworking companies that use knife grinders for their own use. Professional grinding workshops that use blade grinding machines to supply customers needing blade sharpening services. Industrial knife manufacturers that use knife grinding machines for the construction of new industrial blades. Customers needing surface grinding machines for metal, ceramic and other materials. The M.V.M. S.r.l. product range is very extensive and can fulfil the requirements of both knife and tool grinders and industrial blade manufacturers. Customers are offered strong technical support, which assists them in their choice of grinding machine and provides detailed know-how for the design of special equipment for blade and knife clamping. M.V.M. grinding machines and accessories can solve all your grinding needs.

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