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Product Overview

Our separable style laser engraving machines is developed for heavy material ,it brings great convenience to customers, the machine is designed by upper part lower part, and the two parts can be separated ,the upper part can be moved down from the machine ,and the lower part can configure suitable plate form according to customers’ need ,the design changes the traditional engraving method, for some heavy materials
we can put the upper part onto them, so that avoiding the difficulty of moving heavy material,meanwhile, it solves the problem that platform has a limited changing is much easier to process.With red light positioning device accurately indicates the location of the processing of the laser head, eliminate the trouble about manual positioning.
1. Adopt the international advanced DSP control technology, it is the pioneer to fast continuously curving cut and shortcut processing pathway optimizing function, accordingly increase greatly the decency.
2. It automatically equalizes the diminishing of light during the whole operating to ensure the same cutting effection different area.
3. High-speed cutting control software and buffer function in high-speed movement can improve production efficiency.
4. The up-to date software provides the direct output of original pictures; completely fit the graph foams such as CAD, CAM of CAD, and Corel Draw software, to meet the practical design requirement of the end users.
5. The advanced colors and the toms of the cutting can realize the one-time output completely or partially.
6.It uses USB port to transmit data, equipped with large-capacity memory, improving working efficiency greatly.
Technical Parameter:
Table Size (mm) 600*400
Laser Power RECI 90W(W2)
Laser Type CO2 sealed laser tube, water-cooled, 10.6um
Cooling type Water-cooled
Engraving Scanning Speed 0-6000mm/min
Max Moving Speed 30000mm/min
Cutting speed 0-1000mm/min
Laser Output Control 1-100%software setting
Smallest Character Engraving Character2.0mm*2.0mm, English 1.0mm*1.0mm
Highest Scanning Precision 4000DPI
Locating Precision 0.01mm
Supported File Format DAT,PLT,BMP,DXF,AI,etc.
Operating humidity Temperature:0-45,Humidity:5%-95%
(without condensed water)
Optional parts: Up&down table,auto focus system,rotary device,
ball scew transmission,
Applicable Industries:
Advertising industry:Double-colored board engraving,Organic glass engraving and cutting,Label engraving,Crystal cup engraving,Warranty signed engraving.

Carved gifts and crafts industry:Wood,Bamboo Ivory ,Bone,Leather,Marble

Packing and printing industry:Rubbery board,Plastic board,Double-layered board, Model cutting board

Leather clothing industry: Complex letters and pattern engraving,Cutting on hypoderm,Synthetic leather,Man-made leather,Cloth

Architectural model industry: ABS board cutting,Model cutting

Production totem industry: Appliance signs,Anti-fake commodities making

Applicable Materials:
Wood,Bamboo,jade,marble,acrylic,crystal,leather,plastic,paper,rubber,ceramic,glass and other non-metal materials.

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