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Type:Universal Mills
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Table Size-W:12.6 "
Table Size-L:51.97 "

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Universal milling machine
X6232C Universal milling machine
X6232C Universal milling machine

Universal Rotary Head milling machine X6232C, X6232C/1,X6232CX16

The Universal Knee-type milling machine is widely used in the machining workshop, with optional accessories as dividing head, rotary table, machine vice, transmission box, boring and facing milling head ,milling chuck ,etc. its machining scope/capacity greatly enlarged. X6232C/1: Digital readout(2 dimensional or 3 dimensional) is added to X6232C machine which can improve the machining accuracy and producing efficiency. X6232X16: The same as X6232C, except that the Table length Extended to 1600mm

Work table area, 1320(1600)×320mm
T-slots(number of slot-width*pitch), 3-18×70mm
Work table load, 500KG
Work table swivel angle, ±45°, 680/240/300mm motor, and 700/255/320mm manual
Distance from vertical spindle nose to table surface, 250-570mm
Distance from center line of horizontal spindle to table surface, 30-350mm
Motor power, 5.5kw
Vertical milling head max. swivel angle, 360°
Spindle taper, ISO50(H), ISO40(V)
Spindle, 18 steps 30-1500/9 steps 125-2000r/mi
Dimension, 2294×1770×1858mm(2294×2045×1858mm
Weight, 3000KG(3100KG)
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TENGZHOU ROOY CNC MACHINE Co., Ltd. is integrated in the year 1988 as the milling machine manufacturer and exporter. The company comprises 2 milling machine factories,1 radial drilling machine factory and 1 business company. It has around 800 workers and staff members consisting of 50 technicians and 36 experts.The factory is specialized in the production and export all kinds of milling machine、drilling & milling machine.. Its trade Mark of ROOY enjoys high Reputation both at home and abroad. It has successfully passed ISO9001 Quality System Certificate, and honestly commits to quality regulation of all product.


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