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CNC (Yafeng)
  • Specs
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    17.72 "
    CNC (Yafeng)
    3000 kg
  • Product Overview

    Machine application:

    This machine is mainly used for the forming process of the end of the metal pipe, which can be used for the spinning of straight pipe, and it can be used in the tube and pipe rolling.

    Working principle

    The whole process of hydraulic system to provide power, through the computer PLC control, automatic control of clamping, positioning, spinning forming, and then quit.

    Performance features:

    Adopt three roll rolling method: the rolling head spinning, the workpiece does not rotate. Can be used to counter count, and frequency control motor with variable frequency speed control, easy to operate, safe and reliable, stable performance.

  • About Company

    Zhejiang Tianwei Machinery Co.,ltd is Hi tech enterprise which manufacturing EDM, Wire cut edm, edm hole driller, portable edm. It has provided advanced metalworking solutions and comprehensive services for production machining, mold/die machining, high-speed machining for long time. The company is mainly engaged in WEDM of R & D, production, sales and service, in the production of high-precision wire EDM, High speed WEDM, servo motor wire edm machine, EDM die sinker machine.

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