V510WT VII A60
Discontinued Model
CNC (Victory II Controller)
  • Specs
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    5 '
    10 '
    Plasma Power
    60 a
    # Plasma Torches
    CNC (Victory II Controller)
  • About Company
    Victory CNC Plasma Systems

    Victory CNC Plasma Systems is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of industrial CNC plasma cutting systems. All our CNC Plasma Systems are proudly made in the USA and we build and support everything we sell. Unitized systems feature cutting areas from 5’ x 10’ to 12’ x 40’ and gantry systems are available in sizes up to 20′ x 100′. CNC plasma system options include AutoGas, pipe cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, drilling, straight-line bevel and scribing. We offer Hypertherm’s standard-definition Powermax or MAXPRO200 or the high-definition HyPerformance family, as well as the EDGE Pro controller, ArcGlide torch height controllers, True Hole, AutoGas, ProNest, TurboNest and Nestmaster. Victory also offers Thermal Dynamics plasmas from the standard-definition Cutmaster and Auto-Cuts to the high-definition Ultra-Cut XTs. Systems featuring Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters also include our Victory II controller. Features that other manufacturers consider optional, we include as standard equipment, in our CNC Plasma Systems. While other manufacturers try to integrate on your factory floor, we ship complete units that are ready for production. Our plasmas and controllers are installed and tested prior to shipment. We also include two days of on-site training at no extra charge and all our CNC Plasma Systems feature remote login for training or troubleshooting. Our service technicians are available via telephone and Internet for technical support, diagnostics and service assistance. We offer field service as required in or out of warranty. All our CNC plasma cutting systems feature remote login for training and troubleshooting. Our industrial CNC plasma cutting systems start at $57,800, plus freight.