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  • Ürüne Genel Bakış

    Straighten and Cut Machinery
    8M .062 to .312 (1.5 to 8mm)
    Traditional 10 die arbor
    Dual center arbor for maximum range
    Variable speed
    Uses standard Lewis tooling
    Timken bearing supported feed roll shafts
    TEFC motor
    Nema 12 electrics and enclosures
    Full, interlocked, guarding
    Electric parts counter
    Tool steel feed rolls, knife and quill
    Mechanical, drop away release assembly
    Mechanical feed roll clamp (no air required on the machine)
    Timer to stop the machine if there is a feed problem
    Left or right hand wire flow
    Maximum tensile 90,000 psi (65 kg/mm2)
    Simple mechanical clutch
    Quick change tooling for two wire sizes included

  • Şirket hakkında
    Drawing Technology Inc.

    In-line wire drawers and payoff equipment for wire processing. Wire resizing for the fastener and heading industries. Rod breakdown machinery for processing of cold drawn steel from hot rolled rod. Mini wire mill recoiling and wire spooling for the heading and concrete pipe wire cage producing industries.

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