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    INDEVA® Lean System® is the ideal solution for the design and assembly of in-house material handling carts. Advantages of modular structures with gravity fed racks built are many, for example reduced flow lines, increased productivity, minimal design and costs, reusable components and quick to adapt for different parts and processes.

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    SCAGLIA was established in 1838. At that time, in the valleys around Bergamo, a great number of textile industries were born, which would cover a major role on the European and international scene in the future. The Company, always owned and managed by the Scaglia family, was one of the leaders in the great deal of technical innovations, revolutionary progress and quality improvement that these new firms brought on the markets all over the world. Over the years and decades, the original range of accessories for the textile industry was widened by the development and production of new technologies and materials, such as light alloys and thermoplastics. Located in Brembilla, 40 miles North-East of Milan, Scaglia’s main production facility employs 230 people, and covers a total area of approx. 26.500 m². The Company is a member of a bigger industrial Group owned and managed by the Scaglia family, and includes various branch offices in Europe and the U.S.A. Scaglia started manufacturing wooden bobbins for yarn, but then developed top quality technologies and skills by the choice of using aluminum alloys instead of the original material. Such a revolutionary step, together with the introduction in the products range of plastic tubes for spinning, cast the Company to the top of the market, and earned the SCAGLIA label the exclusive, still undisputed leadership all over the world in the production of accessories for the textile industry.

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