• Spec
    Metrik Özellikleri dönüştürme
    80.71 "
    472.4 "
    Mil Göbek Deliği
    32 "
    75 hp
  • Ürüne Genel Bakış

    One piece bed, floor type casting. 2 shear bed way with extra way supporting All ways are hardened and ground. Alloy steel spindle with opposed taper Hardened and around gears, shafts and Electromagnetic spindle brake.

    Standard Accessories
    Thread chasing dial
    2-speed tailstock quill (manual)
    1 dead center, MT #6
    Coolant pump
    Work lamp
    Follow type splash guard
    One piece stainless steel lead screw cover
    Water and oil collect plate under apron
    Rear side chip and water collect plate
    Optional Accessories
    Rear chip conveyor
    Semi automatic threading and copy system for the oil industry.

  • Şirket hakkında
    Megabore Machinery Inc.

    The Megabore Series of Heavy Duty Lathes were developed and designed to provide optimum performance with high cutting power while providing versatility for use in a wide range of industries : general purpose machine shops, mining industry, power industry, oil industry, paper plants, and shipyards, etc. We have achieved this aim as we are now the largest suppliers of large hollow spindle lathes in the world. A combination of swing and center distances can be offered to suit clients needs at reasonable prices. Our CNC machines are fitted with the latest controls, Siemens, Fanuc or Fagor being the most popular choices. We also offer heavy duty roll grinders and vertical turning lathes/vertical boring mills.

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