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    0.9843 "
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    Precise, noiseless and reliable column drilling machine, built according to strict safety standards, featuring step-pulley drivers, manual speed-gears, precision spindle with hardened morse taper and ground base.

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    Established in 1973, SERRMAC is a leading player in the machine tools market. Over the years the Company, thanks to the experience and technological competences developed in its core business, has acquired a fundamental role in the sector of drilling, milling and tapping machines, the absolute leader in Italy and among the first European players. Serrmac is present in most of the mechanical factories, workshops and Italian and European technical schools. With great professionalism and competence SERRMAC has developed technology and reliability and internationally has credentials of absolute prestige. Thanks to a high product's quality and the application of updated technologies, SERRMAC spreads its brand across Europe. The Company has always maintained a strong focus on innovation and finding solutions that reflect the different market requirements and that can help our customer increasing their productivity.

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