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  • Specs
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    Pump Output
    40,000 PSI
    Table Size-W
    60 "
    Table Size-L
    60 "
  • Product Overview

    The TACH-JET water jet system cuts parts up to 6” thick from virtually any material. It is available in two sizes: 40” x 40” (1000 mm x 1000 mm) and 60” x 60” (1500 mm x 1500 mm). It can be configured for both abrasive water jet cutting and water-only cutting (abrasive is added when cutting hard materials such as metals; soft materials such as foam can typically be cut with water only). It requires a 120 V 60 Hz power source, fresh water source and a suitable tractor or skid steer (supplied by customer). Tractor or skid steer must have a hydraulic power unit capable of a minimum output of 50 HP (must be capable of supplying continuous 2400 psi fluid at 21 gpm ).

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  • About Company
    Jet Edge

    Jet Edge has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing ultra-high pressure waterjet pumps and motion systems since the technology came on line for industrial applications. We take our unique client relationships seriously and are committed to providing configuration solutions that optimize your specific cutting applications in the environment you work in. Our systems are especially suited for heavy duty, high volume applications where speed and accuracy combine to meet your production and customer goals. Our blue collar approach to durability means 24 hour shifts and lights-out weekend cutting are normal course, delivering equipment that boasts the lowest cost of ownership over the life of the equipment. And, since we manufacture both the pump and the motion system, you never get caught between a rock and a hard place with system integration and warranty coverage. Jet Edge takes great pride in the range of industries our equipment supports. You will see us in steel distribution centers, industrial manufacturing, automotive and aerospace precision cutting, plastics, rubber, tool and die production, mining, food, fabrics along with many more industries. Our willingness to custom engineer solutions to satisfy specific needs, makes us the go-to waterjet technology supplier. If non-stop grit, power, and hard work sound like something that could bring your application the edge it needs, it’s time to get in touch with Jet Edge. We welcome you to contact us or visit our St. Michael, Minnesota facility to explore a Jet Edge solution for your application’s cutting challenges.

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