• Product Overview

    I. Usage:
    This CNC PIPE PROFILE CUTTING MACHINE with 6 spindles is mainly used to cut steel pipe profile automatically by plasma. The efficient and automatic profile cutting greatly reduced labor working and guaranteed the cutting quality of workpiece, with the features of high efficiency, high accuracy, and convenient operation.

    II. Feature:
    1. This machine using 5 jaw self-centering chuck, the Max.outside diameter of pipe can reach φ900mm, the weight is 6000Kg. In this processing range, it can meet kinds of pipes cutting requirements. The operation interface can be made according to customer’s demands.
    2. This machine can process pipe of 800-12000mm long.
    3. This machine has six CNC axes (Left/Right, Front/Rear, Up/Down, Rotation, Torch-Twisting, Torch-Lifting).
    4. Machine has pipe upper-surface touch-sensor and pipe side-surface touch-sensor for detecting the pipe deflection such as roundness and straightness at cutting position and automatic adjust torch according to pipe conditions.
    5. Machine has independent torch-lifting axes to make compensation for torch position, which ensures the relative position between torch and pipe for improving cutting quality.
    6. Machine has self-centering chunk for automatic clamping pipe, no any manual clamping, reduces labor working efficiently.
    7. Machine can be equipped with plasma or gas torch to process three kinds of beveling angle (fixing angle, fixing point, and fixing angle 4), can meet workpiece cutting requirements.
    8. Machine has five groups of rollers to support workpiece. There’s screw lifting device on rollers, easy and stable to adjust.
    9. Machine using data input by touch screen, with the features of continent and prompt.
    10. The ball screw set, linear guide set, reducer, pneumatic component and PLC, servo motor, touch screen, and so on electric components, are most imported, so the reliability of machine is higher, malfunction is less, and continuous working time is also longer.

  • About Company
    Shandong Fin CNC Machine Co., Ltd

    shandong fin cnc machine co., ltd. is a joint-stock company, which is also high-tech enterprise certificated by ministry of science & technology, china.we mainly engage in development, manufacture and sale of cnc machines such as drilling, milling, sawing, punching machine tools and optical, mechanical and electronic integration equipments.

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