• Spec
    Metrik Özellikleri dönüştürme
    Bant genişliği
    51.18 "
    45.6 hp
  • Şirket hakkında

    we are one of the leading and reliable machine manufacturers of india. we are also exporter of machineries. we are interested to get in business with you and serve the market of myanmar. we take up turnkey projects as well as part orders. we also provide consulting for projects and business development for the related industries. our range of products are: 1) plywood machineries: veneer dryers, hydraulic hot press, bamboo mat board machineries, seasoning kilns,hydraulic scissor lifts, jet ventilatted automatic roller track veneer dryers, d d saw machine 2) coir mattress machineries: band dryers, glue spreader,belt sander,,,dryers, vulcanisers,ball mills, resin kettle, glue mixer,sheet machine, latex tank, de-twisting machine, 3) bamboo board machine: sliver machine, knot removing m/c, glue applicator, hot press, band dryer, d d saw

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